TERMINATOR-HSD Eco-Friendly Oil Clean-Up!

Concrete Cleaner & Oil Stain Remover

The easiest way to completely remove oil stains from concrete and asphalt.

There is no need to power wash or scrub the surface of the stain. Just lightly sprinkle across the top, use a broom to sweep it across, and cover the entire stain. That’s it. If you live in an exceptionally dry climate you might want to speed up the process by adding a light mist of water on.  Just a few pumps of water from a spray bottle will work.




Saves You Money

You could spend hundreds of dollars on professional concrete cleaning and still not achieve the results you will easily see with TERMINATOR-HSD. Other oil stain procedures treat the oil stain on the surface but not those deep seated stains. What’s worse is that power washing can push the oils even deeper into the concrete. Even if this happens TERMINATOR-HSD can help.





Powerful Oil Stain Remover

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“Works better than any other product available on the market today. “

With something that works so well, it’s hard to believe that it is also good for the environment. However, instead of using harmful detergents or harsh chemicals, it uses billions of microbes found in nature that consume petroleum. It is completely safe and good for the environment.

For Business Use

Parking lots, equipment yards, gas stations, body shops

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For Home Use

Home use, driveway spot cleaning, or small parking lot maintenance

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We have an equipment yard with many oil stained areas on asphalt and concrete. I was surprised to see how well it works making those stains fade away. We will continue to use Terminator-HSD as part of our regular property maintenance.

Oil and Gas Services Company

I used Terminator-HSD on my driveway at home on an old oil stained area. It was really easy to use. Within a week the stain was completely gone! I will recommend this concrete cleaner to everyone I know.

Home Owner

We had our driveway power washed by a local company. When they were done the oil stains were still there. So we ordered Terminator-HSD and now our drive way looks like it dod when we moved in.

Tom and Tami Brown

Just like you said, it took only a couple of minutes to apply. The stain looked better after just 5 days and was completely gone in a couple of weeks. Love the fact that it doesn't hurt the environment.

Gale Sanchez

Works better than any other product available on the market today.

Works Better

Hydrocarbon Spill Degrader

It takes so little to accomplish so much. This amazing product removes the ugly hydrocarbon based stains. Diesel, gasoline, motor oil, cooking oils, and Hydraulic fluids are no match for TERMINATOR-HSD. Use it on fresh oil spills or old and deep oil stains. It does a great job on both. As little as a teaspoon can treat a 12 inch stain. Many stains require only 1-3 treatments to achieve maximum results.

TERMINATOR-HSD (Hydrocarbon Spill Degrader) takes just a few seconds to apply to even the largest oil stains. Billions of hungry microbes go to work eating oil, fuel, grease, and hydraulic fluid, turning it into earth friendly carbon-dioxide and water. Whether your oil stain is 10 minutes or 10 years old you will watch it vanish as TERMINATOR-HSD goes to work.

Save Time and Money

Save Time

No need to scrub or spend hours power washing only to see that those ugly stains are still there.

Just sprinkle a little TERMINATOR-HSD over the oil spill, covering it lightly. Use a simple house broom to brush it evenly across the stain, then lightly moisten with water.  That’s it. Let Mother Nature do the rest.

Easy to Use

Drier climates may need help to keep the microbes working. This is done with a hand spray bottle. Simply moisten the treated area as often as possible until the stain is gone.

With each passing day the stain will get lighter and lighter.  Reapply once every 1-2 weeks until the stain fades to your desired level.  Most stains will vanish after 1 to 4 applications.

Say Goodbye to Oil Stains