Can I Be Sued for Damages Caused by Oil Slip Injuries at My Business?

Posted on: August 29th, 2022 by

Wherever oil is used, it’s going to spill. Unfortunately, once oil spills occur, it’s likely for people to slip on that oil. If they suffer injuries, your business could be held responsible for damages.

Terminator-HSD provides an eco-friendly solution to remove oil stains from concrete and can help your business avoid these lawsuit damages.

Damages Related to Slip and Fall Injuries

If a person is injured in a slip and fall accident on your property, they might suffer serious injuries. Painful injuries as well as broken bones, spinal cord injuries, and head injuries can all occur because of slip and fall accidents.

When a person sues for damages, they might be able to recover compensation for:

It’s not uncommon for these damages to add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In order to avoid paying this level of damages, it’s not enough to simply do what you can to avoid oil slip injuries. You also have to take steps to remove these oil stains from your concrete. These efforts will head off the arguments that can make you pay for those injuries.

What Lawyers Have to Prove to Make You Pay

concrete cleaner to prevent oil slip injuriesIn order to make your business pay for injuries related to slip and fall accidents on your property, lawyers have to prove a few things:

The first point is easy to prove if you or your employees spilled the oil that caused the slip. However, it’s not as easy to prove if the oil spill was caused by someone else, such as another customer, a vendor, or someone else working on your property. The injured party or their lawyer might try to show that there are many oil spills on the property regularly, leading to hazardous conditions you failed to remedy.

You don’t have any liability for oil spills you couldn’t have known about. The usual course to establish that you should have known about the spill is either to prove someone told you about it or the spill had been around for a long time.

Finally, people will have to show that the oil spill on your property caused them to slip and fall, causing their injuries. This is hard to fight if they have experts saying their injuries were linked to a fall like the one they presumably took.

Terminator-HSD Gives You a Clean Slate to Defend against Lawsuits

Lawyers often try to use pictures to show that your property was commonly covered by oil spills and that you did little to clean them up.

Pictures of an oil-stained apron, ramp, sidewalk, and more can make a jury think that your property is constantly covered with oil spills and that you’re not doing enough to clean them up. They might not know that every one of the spills was cleaned up quickly, and that the oil stains present little risk of slipping. All they see is an oil-stained area, and someone saying they slipped on an oil spill you didn’t clean up.

Terminator-HSD can counter this argument by helping you get rid of old oil stains. Instead of an area covered with overlapping stains from old spills, a jury would see a very clean area with perhaps one spot of oil residue. It’s a lot easier to convince a jury that the spill and slip were not your fault, and you should not have to pay for the resulting injuries.

An Easy and Eco-Friendly Way to Clean Old Oil Stains

Any business where you use oil regularly can build up layers upon layers of old oil stains. Most cleaning solutions just don’t pull oil up out from concrete and asphalt to eliminate the stains. However, that’s where Terminator-HSD is different. It can pull old oil stains up out of concrete, asphalt, and other surfaces making them cleaner even than power-washing.

Terminator-HSD is also easy to use. Your employees won’t have to spend their time scrubbing the apron. They just sprinkle the powder on once a week and brush it into cracks. In dry areas, spritzing with water can also help it work better. Over time, the compound will pull out and break down oil stains.

Terminator-HSD is also an eco-friendly solution for cleaning oil stains. Instead of washing it down into gutters and eventually into retaining ponds, drains, and streams, Terminator-HSD binds and then breaks down oil stains. Our special absorbent traps the oil, then oil-eating bacteria digest it, giving off mostly carbon dioxide and water.

Want to learn how even your oldest stains can be easily removed? Please order Terminator-HSD to give it a try today. Contact us to inquire about a volume discount.