Eco-Friendly Solutions to Remove Oil Stains from Concrete

Posted on: July 27th, 2022 by

Oil stains are a common occurrence on driveways, parking lots and other concrete surfaces. Over time, oil will settle deep into the concrete, resulting in unpleasant smells and unsightly appearances. When it rains, the oil can make the concrete surface slippery, creating a safety hazard. To avoid these issues, it’s important to take the steps necessary to remove oil from concrete.

Oil Stains Can Be Hard to Remove from Concrete

oil stain removerConcrete is made from a mixture containing cement, water, and either gravel or sand. While concrete is very hard once it dries, it is still a porous material due to the use of sand and gravel particles of varying sizes. As with many porous materials, it’s easy for oil, grease and other substances to seep into concrete and stain the surface.

There are several reasons why it can be difficult to remove oil stains from concrete:

Applying a concrete sealer will make it easier to remove oil stains when they develop. However, these sealers won’t prevent oil stains from occurring. You’ll still need a good oil stain remover to restore the surface of your concrete to its original appearance.

Some Oil Stain Removers Contain Toxic Materials

Unfortunately, many oil stain remover products are highly toxic and contain chemicals which are harmful to the environment. When the proper safety precautions aren’t taken, these products can also create health hazards for the user. In addition, the hazardous materials in many oil stain removers can damage the concrete surface, kill surrounding landscaping, and pollute nearby water sources with toxic substances.

The good news is you don’t have to use toxic chemicals to remove oil stains from concrete. You can achieve excellent results using biodegradable, eco-friendly products.

Terminator-HSD Removes Oil Stains without Harming the Environment

Terminator-HSD removes oil stains from concrete without using toxic chemicals that damage the environment. As the most concentrated oil stain remover on the market, Terminator-HSD safely and easily removes oil stains from concrete surfaces. It is highly effective at removing stains caused by:

How It Works

Simply apply Terminator-HSD over the stained area. Spray a light mist of water, which will activate the microbes in the concreate cleaner. No scrubbing is necessary, as the concrete cleaner does all the work for you!

Over the next few weeks, these microbes will transform the oil into eco-friendly carbon dioxide and water molecules. As these microbes do their work, you’ll gradually see the oil stain disappear. The active ingredient in Terminator-HSD goes deep into the pours of the concrete, making it possible to remove deeper stains that aren’t always eliminated by cleaners that only work on the surface.

Patience is required. It generally takes up to four applications spread out over several weeks to completely remove oil stains from concrete. However, it will be worth the wait. Not only will you achieve excellent results, but you’ll be using an eco-friendly solution that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals which may damage the environment.

By completely breaking down the oil into naturally occurring CO2 and water molecules, the oil is permanently removed from the environment. Therefore, you avoid a situation where the oil is rinsed down into a nearby sewer after the stain is removed. This further reduces the risk of damage to the environment that is caused when oil gets into local water systems.

You can remove oil stains without damaging the environment. Terminator-HSD provides an eco-friendly solution that delivers exceptional results. Purchase our cleaner online today.

Easy Oil Stain Removal - No Scrubbing, No Dangerous Chemicals

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